personalised services to our clients, supported by an experienced leadership team, motivated and well-trained staff, and world-class systems and infrastructure. Our scalable platform ensures that we can quickly build the capacity and resources, either internally or within your organisation, to deliver enhanced collections within your sector.


in developing bespoke solutions that enhance your profile among your customers or constituents, based on our understanding of private and public sector environments.


TC Kwande’s business is centred on the collection of accounts receivables through call centre agents or legal collections, and encompasses the entire credit life cycle.


Our expertise extends across the collections ecosystem, from call centre infrastructure advisory and setup, training and skills transfer, and query resolutions and customer care, to debt restructuring and acquisition solutions, and data enrichment and cleansing. Our solutions are driven by strong business processes and a globally rated accounts receivable management system.


TC Kwande has access to market-leading systems and technology through our established affiliation with Transaction Capital Recoveries (Pty) Ltd, a subsidiary of the Transaction Capital group of companies.

Our association with Transaction Capital Recoveries, a leading player in the debt collections market, gives us access to:

Leading technology and systems, including the internationally recognised Noble Systems dialer and Cheetah™ accounts receivable management software

IP and data
amassed over many
years in the
collections market

Access to an
client list

Use of resource development and training departments

Use of a comprehensive debtor and payment profile database, managed by a highly proficient Business Knowledge department

Financial backing
to scale our services to match the specific needs of larger clients

Transaction Capital’s support of TC Kwande forms part of their Enterprise Development responsibilities.